Minute #523: Phases

“I haven’t been the same since we moved away from home,” Gila admitted to Shira.

“Every change is difficult to adjust to,” Shira observed, “especially something as life changing as moving away from home to a totally new environment. It’s not only new neighbors, unfamiliar places to shop, or different weather conditions. Everything is new.”

“I know what you mean, but still, I am very unsettled. It makes it hard to perform to the best of my abilities,” Gila said.

“I’m afraid to say that you’ll eventually get used to your new life, but sooner or later things will change again. Life is a series of phases to which the human being must adapt,” Shira said.

Most people seek stability in their lives. They would like all the things it takes to get through a day to become routine. It’s a nice dream but not a realistic one. Life has its ups and downs. One who doesn’t anticipate change will be upset by the vicissitudes of life. The best one may hope for is that the valleys will not be too deep and the hills will fill most of one’s days.

Dealing with problems is the spiritual exercise program custom-made to help a person grow and improve. Anticipating change will make you better suited to deal with change. It may not be pleasant or then again it might be wonderful but there will be changes from time to time. Be prepared to accept and you will be able to survive and strengthen yourself for the next challenge that definitely lurks on the horizon. If you are ready for the inevitable, you will not be upset by it when it comes.

One More Second: Another Thought for the Day

Truthfully, each one of us knows much of how we can improve our own lives… Some of us are critically lacking in our relationship with G-d Himself; others need to acutely change the way they view their fellow men and women. Everyone must take stock of his own portfolio, and then begin the process of change. (Rabbi Yaakov Salomon, C.S.W., Something to Think About, p.86)