Minute #520: Reboot

“I think I’m ready for a new computer,” Ralph said. “My old one is giving me so many problems lately! Rather than helping me get my work done, I feel as if it’s preventing me from completing my tasks.”

“I wouldn’t rush to buy a new computer before trying to get the old one to perform better,” Saul advised. “Often you just have to reboot to get back its efficiency.”

“What does that mean?” Ralph asked.

“Sometimes a piece of electronic equipment can be restored to optimum performance by shutting it down and then restarting it. That’s called a soft reset or a reboot. Try it the next time things are not working right,” Saul suggested.

The most complex piece of equipment on Earth is the human body. Its computer is the brain, which directs and controls all bodily functions and behavior. Its capacity is greater than any computing device man will ever create, and it sometimes needs a reboot to function properly.

Hashem, our Creator, built resiliency into our bodies so that we may recover from trauma and continue to perform our daily functions. The most common reboot is a nap or a good night’s sleep. Sometimes more is necessary, and so we “take a vacation” from our daily routine. Occasionally the problems are more disabling, and professional therapeutic intervention may be necessary.

The main thing to remember is that Hashem did know that the human being would face difficulties that would weaken body and mind, so He built resiliency into His primary creation. When you feel as if you’ve reached your limit, pause, and consider how to reboot. Once you have “reset” your “computer,” you will feel refreshed and ready for life’s new challenges.

One More Second: Another Thought for the Day

Hashem performs many miracles for us. How are we to merit having the laws of nature suspended on our behalf? The answer is that Ribbono shel Olam only performs miracles for those that will recognize that their salvation comes from Him. (Rabbi Moshe Aharon Stern, zt”l, From a Pure Fire, p. 139)