Minute #518: My Cell Number

“Get Alfred on the phone for me,” Mr. Strauss barked at his secretary. “This is a crisis and he’s got to handle it right away!”

“Sir, Alfred is in China and its 2:30 a.m. Can’t this wait until later? Besides, how am I going to reach him?” Miss Ehrlich replied.

“No, it can’t wait! Call him on his cell phone immediately!” was Mr. Strauss’ instant response.

Several moments later, Miss Ehrlich paged her boss over the intercom. “Mr. Strauss, Alfred on line 3.”

It’s amazing how much communication technology has advanced in the last 50 years. What was once an overseas cable message has become instant, digitally clear access. Who would have thought that from almost anywhere on this planet you would be able to press a few keys or even just speak someone’s name into a handheld wireless device and instantly connect — as if the other party were just up the street from you? Text, photos or voice — select your preferred media and send in an instant.

What’s even more fantastic is a Jew’s ability to connect with Hashem just as easily. Of course, we are taught that there is a preferred place to daven — a synagogue. We have more propitious times, as well. A further aid to being heard is the manner of communicating — with a minyan. We also have a special private connection to our Father in Heaven — we can call Him anytime from anyplace. He can hear our voices in any circumstances. It’s almost as if He has given us His private cell phone number. Consider how comforting it is to know how easily we can become connected.

One More Second: Another Thought for the Day

G-d responds to us middah k’negged middah. If G-d sees us emulating His ways, if He sees us fulfilling the mitzvah of loving others as we do ourselves, then He responds to us in the same way. If we are kind and merciful to other people, even if they are undeserving, then G-d is kind and merciful to us, even if we are undeserving. (Rabbi Mattisyahu Salomon, With Hearts Full of Faith, p. 121)