Minute #514: Preferences

“It is so difficult to set up a new computer,” Mark complained. “The new operating system always has updated features and each one has to be set up anew.”

“I agree,” Shmuel replied. “But once you’re set up, the benefits are obvious and well worth the configuration time.”

“Oh, I’m aware of that,” Mark acknowledged, “but the new programs always ask for my preferences, and I’m not sure what I would like, exactly.”

“I guess you’re right, but preferences are offered by the development companies so that you can adjust the operations to work in the way that you like and others can choose what makes them satisfied, as well,” Shmuel said.

As people grow older, every individual develops different likes and dislikes. It’s natural for one to enjoy doing what one likes. What most don’t consider is that each person develops his/her own set of preferences. The secret to a happy life is to train oneself to like what is good and dislike what is not. If one is successful in setting the right priorities, one will be happy most of the time because one will be doing what one likes most of the time. If one likes learning Torah or doing chessed or caring for children, those activities will make that person happy.

Hashem gave us the list of items that provide happiness. They are called Torah. We received a set of guidelines to live by and rules of conduct that result in the formation of a Torah personality. Study the list and learn to like what makes Hashem happy. You will also be happy — guaranteed!

One More Second: Another Thought for the Day

It can be no clearer than it is already. G-d is waiting, hoping, pleading and screaming for His People to live the way they should. Simply put, each of us has to bring more of G-d into our lives — in prayer, in trust, in charity, in the way we eat talk, think and relate to each other. (Rabbi Yaakov Salomon,  Something to Think About, p. 86)