Minute #491: Aim High

“I just can’t seem to throw the ball over the line,” little Zev whined. “I quit! I’ll never be any good at this game!”

“I wouldn’t give up so fast,” his older brother said. “The line is not so high. If you learn how to aim, you will probably be able to throw the ball where you would like.”

“I am aiming before I throw,” Zev replied. “I just can’t get the ball to hit above the line.”

“The trick to succeeding at this game is to aim higher than where you want the ball to hit. Then when it falls short of that point, it’s still a good toss,” his brother explained. “Try it a few times and let’s see how you do.”

Failure to reach a goal is frustrating. Missing repeatedly results in despair. Many have tried to achieve in the material realm but find that they always fall short of their aspirations. Others attempt to grow spiritually and take on new obligations in order to advance, yet don’t reach new levels of service to our Creator. Eventually they will despair and settle for a level lower than what they are capable of achieving.

The problem is that many set targets but fail to combine their dreams with accurate, productive practices that can realistically result in success. True, one should not bite off more than one can chew, but on the other hand, aiming too low will result in failure as well. Ambitions prompt action. One should try to do a little more than one thinks is possible. Odds are one will fall short. However, aiming a little high and falling short hits the objective. Any success encourages and excites a person to aim a little higher and move up and up to growth that is substantial.

When you aim — aim high. If you fall short you will still gain ground on the road to ultimate success.

One More Second: Another Thought for the Day

Fortunate are those who repent, for in one year, one day and even one moment they can change their life. (Zohar, Bereisheet, Chayei Sarah 129a)