This Day In History 9 Kislev/November 27

9 Kislev

In 5155/1394, the Jews of Paris were expelled by Charles VI.


5574/1813, Harav Avraham Chassid of Brodi, zt”l

5588/1827, Harav Dov Ber, the Mitteler Rebbe of Lubavitch, zt”l

5600/1839, Harav Moshe Shapira of Slavita, zt”l

5662/1901, Harav Meir Chaim Auerbach of Manostreshitz, zt”l

5668/1907, Harav Yaakov Aryeh Shapiro, Rebbe of Neshchiz, zy”a

5680/1919, Harav Yechiel Mechel, Rav of Mezhibuzh, zt”l


Shaar blatt of She’eilos U’Teshuvos HaRadad.

Harav Dovid Dov Berish Meisels, Zt”l, Rav of Lask

Harav Dovid Dov Meisels was born in 5574/1814 in Kilakov, Galicia. His father was Harav Aharon Aryeh Yehudah Yaakov, zt”l, Rav in Kilakov, Zamosh and Piotrkov.

At 11 years of age, he left home to learn under Harav Yaakov Lorberbaum of Lisa, zt”l, the Nesivos Hamishpat.

As one of the foremost bachurim in the yeshivah, he was suggested to Harav Elazar Hakohen, zt”l, son-in-law of the Nesivos Hamishpat, as a shidduch for his daughter. Harav Lorberbaum warmly welcomed the idea.

At 18 Reb Dovid Dov was appointed Rav in Dobri. Later he was Rav in Nashelsk and in Lask, after which town he is called.

Wherever he lived, Reb Dovid Dov headed a yeshivah and taught many talmidim.

Reb Dovid Dov journeyed to the Kotzker Rebbe, zy”a, and was close with the Chiddushei Harim of Ger, zy”a, who said of him that whatever he learns stays in his memory and he doesn’t have to review.

He was a prolific writer on all facets of the Torah. He published Ahavas Dovid on Halachah; Ohr Dovid on Megillas Esther; Chiddushei HaRadad on Maseches Pesachim; Reiach Dudaim on Haggadah Shel Pesach; She’eilos U’teshuvos HaRadad; and Binyan Dovid on Megillas Eichah.

Reb Dovid Dov was niftar on 9 Kislev 5636/1875 at the age of 62.

His sons were Harav Tzvi Aryeh Yehudah Yaakov, his successor in Lask; Rav Pinchas Eliyahu, Rav of Rakow and Vierishov; and Rav Mordechai Zev of Tarna.

Zecher tzaddikim livrachah.

Nov. 27

Penn Station in 1911, shortly after opening.

In 1815, the constitution for the Congress Kingdom of Poland was signed by Russian Czar Alexander I, who was also king of Poland.

In 1910, New York’s Pennsylvania Station officially opened.

In 1942, during World War II, the Vichy French navy scuttled its ships and submarines in Toulon to keep them out of the hands of German troops.

In 1945, General George C. Marshall was named special U.S. envoy to China by President Harry S. Truman to try to end hostilities between the Nationalists and the Communists.

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