This Day In History 24 Cheshvan/November 13

Harav Gedalyah Moshe of Zhvill, zy”a

24 Cheshvan

In 5701/1940, the SS Patria, with 1,900 desperate immigrants aboard, blew up and sank in Haifa port. Two hundred Jews drowned.


5404/1643, Harav Avraham Azulai, zt”l, mechaber of the Chessed L’Avraham

5524/1763, Harav Gedalya of Zalkah, zt”l

5625/1864, Harav Chaim Yosef Brukstein of Pistin, zt”l

5663/1902, Harav Dovid Twersky, Rebbe of Makarov, zt”l

5668/1907, Harav Hillel Moshe Meshil Gelbstein, zt”l

5748/1987, Harav Rafael Dovid Auerbach, zt”l, Rosh Yeshivah of Yeshivas Shaar Hashamayim

The tziyun of Harav Gedalyah Moshe of Zhvill, zy”a.


Harav Gedalyah Moshe of Zhvill, Zt”l

Harav Gedalyah Moshe Goldman was the son of Harav Shlomo (Reb Shlomke), Rebbe of Zhvill, zy”a. Born on 26 Iyar 5647/1887, he was named Gedalyah after his maternal grandfather, Harav Gedalyah, Rebbe of Linitz, zy”a, and Moshe after his paternal grandfather Harav Moshe of Zhvill, zy”a, founder of the dynasty.

He married the daughter of Harav Dovid Shlomo (grandson of Harav Moshe Kobriner, zy”a). He devoted himself solely to learning and received semichah from many Gedolei Hador.

He loved all Yidden, and excelled in his devotion to the public.

In 5669/1909, when he was just 20, a delegation of the community in Zhvill asked him to be their Rav.

When the Soviets rose to power, Reb Gedalyah Moshe was sentenced to eight years in Siberia for “leading a group to undermine the government and spying on behalf of the enemy.”

Later, upon his release he was appointed Rav in a city near Moscow.

In 5697/1937, Reb Gedalyah Moshe managed to flee to Eretz Yisrael, where he lived simply in Yerushalayim.

After his father’s petirah in 5705/1945, Reb Gedalyah Moshe became Zhviller Rebbe but served for only four and a half years, as he was niftar on 24 Cheshvan, 5710/1949.

Reb Gedalyah Moshe was buried in a small cemetery in Sheikh Badar. In recent years his tziyun has become a makom tefillah.

His son Harav Mordechai succeeded him as Rebbe.

Zechuso yagen aleinu.

Nov. 13

In 1775, during the American Revolution, U.S. forces captured Montreal.

In 1789, Benjamin Franklin wrote in a letter to a friend, Jean-Baptiste Leroy: “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

In 1849, voters in California ratified the state’s original constitution.

In 1927, the Holland Tunnel opened to the public, providing access between lower Manhattan and New Jersey beneath the Hudson River.