This Day in History – 17 Cheshvan/October 26

Erie Canal map

17 Cheshvan

In 1656, according to Rabi Eliezer, the rains of the Mabul began to fall, flooding the earth and causing the waters to rise above the highest mountains.

In 2923, when Dovid Hamelech found out that King Shaul and seven members of his family had not been buried following their fall in battle, he made haste to bring them to kevuras Yisrael amid great honor and respect. After that he davened to Hashem and a famine of three years’ duration came to an end.

In 5408/1647, Chmielnicki’s Cossacks massacred 12,000 Jews in Poland, Hy”d.


5357/1596, Harav Avaraham Rappaport, zt”l, mechaber of Minchah Belulah

5584/1823, Harav Yaakov Kopel of Tismenitz, zt”l, a talmid of Harav Moshe Leib of Sassov

5586/1825, Harav Menachem Mendel, first Rebbe of Kossov, zt”l, the Ahavas Shalom

5597/1836, Harav Mordechai Zev Orenstein, zt”l, Rav of Lvov

5748/1987, Harav Meshulam Zushe Twersky, zt”l, the Chernobler Rebbe of Bnei Brak.


Harav Yehoshua Rosenfeld, Zt”l, of Kaminka

Harav Yehoshua Rosenfeld was the son of Rav Shalom of Kaminka, zt”l.

Rav Yehoshua married the daughter of Rav Tzvi Hirsh of Drishkopoli, zt”l, who was the brother-in-law of the Sar Shalom of Belz.

His first rabbinical post was in Yaritshov; later, after the petirah of his father, Rav Yehoshua was appointed Rav in Kaminka. Unlike his father, Rav Yehoshua served as Rebbe also.

During his last 15 years Rav Yehoshua was paralyzed, communicating with his Chassidim during those years using sign language. He was niftar on 17 Cheshvan 5659/1898.

His sons were Rav Shalom of Kaminka and Rav Elazar of Ushpitzin. His sons-in-law were Harav Shlomo Halberstam of Bobov; Harav Moshe Chaim Rabinowitz of Shidlovtza; and Harav Alter Eichenstein, Rav of Yaritchov, zechusam yagein aleinu.

Zechuso yagen aleinu.

October 26

In 1825, the Erie Canal opened in upstate New York, connecting Lake Erie and the Hudson River.

In 1949, President Harry S. Truman signed a measure raising the minimum wage from 40 to 75 cents an hour.

In 1972, national security adviser Henry Kissinger declared, “Peace is at hand” in Vietnam.

In 1975, Anwar Sadat became the first Egyptian president to officially visit the United States.

In 1977, the experimental space shuttle Enterprise successfully landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California.