CBS: Israelis Suffer From Insufficient Sleep, Insomnia Worsens During War

By Aryeh Stern

A bedroom in an apartment in Yerushalayim. (Rafi Letzter/Flash90)

A survey by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) released Wednesday reveals that many Israelis are not getting enough sleep, with the situation worsening during the ongoing war. According to the data, 16% of Israelis aged 20 and over sleep only up to five hours a day during the workweek. Additionally, 27% sleep six hours, 29% sleep seven hours, and 21% sleep eight hours or more. This indicates that half of the population is sleeping less than seven hours a night, which is below the recommended amount by sleep experts.

The survey highlights that insomnia has become a significant issue following the terrorist attack on October 7 and the subsequent war. Post-October 7, 42% of those aged 20 and over reported experiencing insomnia at least once a week, compared to 31% before the attack.

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