Report: Russian Spy Ship Likely Monitoring Israel’s Newest Submarine

By Yoni Weiss

A Russian spy ship is likely gathering intelligence on Israel’s newest submarine, the INS Drakon, according to a report by Naval News. The submarine is currently undergoing sea trials following its construction in Germany.

The report suggests that the Russian vessels Sibiryakov and Wassili Tatischtschew may be monitoring these trials. Naval News highlighted that sea trials are “an incredibly sensitive time for new submarines,” making it easier for other navies to gather intelligence compared to when the submarine is already in service.

Naval analyst Droxford Maritime provided detailed analysis of the Sibiryakov’s movements, which likely correspond to the INS Drakon’s trials. Additionally, German media has reported that the Wassili Tatischtschew has positioned itself off the coast of Kiel.

Naval News emphasized that the public has not been granted access to the INS Drakon’s sea trials, underscoring the sensitivity and security surrounding these operations.

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