Bobov Announces Chasuna Takanos at Large Asifa

By Matis Glenn

Bobover Rebbe shlit”a speaks at the asifa.

The Bobover Rebbe shlit”a, joined by askanim, announced new chasuna takanos for the community at a Monday night asifa attended by over 1,000 people.

Askanim who spoke with Hamodia outlined the takanos, and said that they were years in the making, beginning with the development of the new Cheder on 36th Street, which had an area created within it to be used as a wedding hall in accordance with the takanos.

“The takanos are important because of the unbearable cost for weddings on both sides,” one of the askanim told Hamodia.

“The average chasunah in our community costs over $100,000, including housing and furniture; the standards have exceeded most people’s budgets, so these takanos are crucial.”

Bobover families will be permitted to use any hall which adheres to the takanos, which the askan says are becoming commonplace across different chassidishe communities.

The takanos entail lowering the costs of most elements of a wedding, but were aimed at not eliminating any part thereof, according to the askan.

As an example, he says “There will still be a shmorgasboard if people want it, but it will have to be within certain limitations.” An aufruf seudah will still be allowed, but only for family members.

Similar restrictions will be placed on the cost of bands, alcohol, and other expenses.

The only element of the simcha that will be done away with entirely is the celebration of tenoim, the reading of the conditions agreed upon by both sides of a shidduch upon engagement.

“We’re not the first chasidus to do away with celebrating tenoim, but it is a heavy decision,” the askan said.

Under the new takanos, tenoim will be read during the l’chaim, to be celebrated the night of the engagement or shortly after.

The goal is to reduce the cost of marrying off children to around $60,000.

Limits will be placed on expenses such as musicians and photographers. Flowers will need to be synthetic, and services such as badchanim and make-up for kallos will have to be selected from a list of low-cost providers, supplied by Bobov leadership. The cost of Jewelry and other presents between Chassan and Kallah, as well as furniture and housing will also be limited.

While most halls have a minimum of 150 couples, the minimum will be lowered to 125 couples in the new Bobov hall, which will cost around $17,000, but there will be packages available for families that want to invite 150 or 180 couples.

Chasunos also must be completed by 1:30 a.m.

Bobov will also create a Gemach, an interest-free loan fund for community members who need help in paying for weddings, as long as they maintain the takanos. Other plans include a small-scale simcha hall that is in development, to accommodate the l’chaim and Shabbos sheva brachos of large families.

Rabbi Leibish Leser, an askan in Bobov, speaks at the asifa.

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