Jewish Residents in Linden, NJ, Once Again Receive Threatening Hate Mail

By Matis Glenn

Hate mail postcard sent this week.

At least seven residents in Linden, New Jersey, have been targeted with threatening hate mail this week, following a wave of similar letters sent earlier this year, according to an askan in the community.

The messages, sent in the form of postcards, contained hand-written messages, saying “You may be next: watch out!”

In February, around a dozen Jewish people in Linden received hate mail which included the words “We’re not done yet. Hitler was right!”

Despite an investigation that had been escalated to the FBI, the source of the letters in February was not identified.

This week’s letters were written in the same handwriting as the first wave, the askan said. Postcards were used in both series of incidents, too.

Five letters were known to have arrived on Thursday, and another two on Friday.

“The local, county, and federal authorities are taking it very seriously,” one askan told Hamodia.

“If anyone receives such a letter, take it to the police department and file a report. It’s not something we should shrug off and say it’s just a crazy person…This needs to be taken very seriously by everyone,” he said.

Linden has seen an influx of Jewish residents moving in over the past few years.

Hate mail postcard sent in February.
Hate mail postcard sent in February.

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