NYU Hires Professor Who Called Oct. 7 Massacre ‘Affirming’ to Lead New Dept.

By Matis Glenn

New York, NY, USA – March 22, 2016: New York University buildings on Macdougal Street at 37 Washington Square West. (Getty Images)

New York University appointed a professor who called Hamas’ terror attacks “affirming” to head a new center for indigenous studies, the New York Post reported. 

Eve Tuck, a professor of critical race and indigenous studies at the University of Toronto, was announced as the head of NYU’s new Indigenous Studies Center on Oct 9 — merely two days after Hamas’ horrific terror attacks on Israel.

She called the terror attacks, in which terrorists gruesomely killed 1,400 Jews, “resistance,” on social media.

Tuck says that it’s “dishonest framing” to call the attacks unprovoked, and that a “free Palestine” is possible because of how “Palestinians have worked to keep alive and remake other framings, other futures,” she said in an Oct. 7 post to a leftist social media network.

On Oct. 26, Tuck signed a letter placing the blame for Hamas’ terror attacks on Israel, and said that “colonized” people have a right to “defend themselves” from “genocide.”

Hamas’ charter calls for a genocide of Jews worldwide.

“I am appalled that her hiring continued in the middle of this toxic atmosphere,” Elliott Bross, a board member of NYU’s Stern School of Business told the Post. “I call for the NYU to terminate her contract immediately,” Stan Polovets, a board member of NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering, told the Post: “This type of rhetoric fuels antisemitism, and I urge Ms. Tuck to reconsider her support for the statement.”

NYU has seen a dramatic rise in antisemitic incidents involving faculty and students since October 7, including assaults, and openly antisemitic placards at frequent protests which include the genocidal refrain “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

“It’s pretty scary to walk around,” one student told Hamodia. “I’m always looking over my shoulder to see who’s around,” he said. Other students expressed the same sentiment. A planned “student walkout” took place on October 25 at 1 p.m., where a large number of students left their classes to protest. That afternoon, a poster calling for the release of the hostages taken prisoner by Hamas was vandalized with the words “They will not return home alive.” The same day, protestors carried pictures of a Star of David in a trash bin, calling to “keep the world clean,” likely a reference to the antisemitic trope of “dirty Jews.”

At one demonstration, protestors – holding signs accusing Israel of genocide – chanted “We don’t want no Jew state, we want all of it.” Additionally on the day of the walkout, a person riding on a bike reportedly threw hot coffee on a Jewish student who was putting on tefillin.

In a statement, the school reiterated its condemnation of terrorism but refused to take action against Tuck.

“NYU’s perspective is that terrorism is immoral; that there is no justification to commit acts of terrorism, ever; and that laying the blame on victims of terrorism is indefensible,” spokesperson John Beckman said.

NYU was not readily available for comment at the time of this article.


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