Monroe Town Supervisor Rejects Petition to Create Village of Seven Springs

By Hamodia Staff

(Daniel Case)

Monroe Town Supervisor Tony Cardone rejected the application for the creation of a new village in a roughly 2-mile section of northern Monroe, NY, stating that the petition to create the village was not compliant with the requirements of Article 2 of the New York state Village Law.

“A written description of the proposed village failed to utilize a metes and bounds description as required by NYS Village Law,” said Cardone. “Instead, the village description relied predominantly on tax dot lines. The description of the proposed village boundaries also relied on certain tax lot numbers that do not exist in the Town of Monroe, therefore, preventing the town from determining the extent and location of the proposed village.

“As the Town Supervisor, I recognize and respect the rights of people to petition the government as the petitioners have done here,” said Cardone. “However, I must also give appropriate weight to the rule of law, and the fact that under New York State Village Law, village incorporation petitions must strictly comply with the requirements of the New York State Village Law. When an incorporation petition fall short of those statutory requirements, as the Seven Springs petition, did, it must be rejected.”

The petition for incorporation of the new village was filed in 2019 by lead petitioner Herman Wagschal after a land compromise was reached that excluded properties from the growing community of Kiryas Joel. An appeals court ruling in April ended legal disputes from Monroe and Kiryas Joel to invalidate the incorporation petition, which allowed the petition to be considered.

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