Israel’s Ambassador Erdan Leaves UN General Assembly to Protest Speech by Iran’s President Raisi

By Hamodia Staff

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan together with the Israeli delegation left the General Assembly Hall immediately after Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi began to deliver his speech. Ambassador Erdan left the hall while displaying the picture of Mahsa Amini, who was brutally murdered a year ago by the Iranian regime for not properly covering her hair.

“While the butcher of Tehran is speaking at the UN and is being respected by the international community, hundreds of Iranians are protesting outside, shouting and calling on the international community to wake up and help them,” Ambassador Erdan said. “It is a disgrace that member states stay to listen to a mass murderer. It should not be possible for a murderer with blood on his hands to receive a platform here at the UN.

“I left the speech to make it clear that the State of Israel stands by the Iranian people. I call on the international community to stop the madness and prevent murderers and anti-Semites from coming and speaking here at the UN.

“It should not be possible for a vile murderer who calls for the destruction of Israel to be given a platform here at the UN. The UN has, once again, reached a new moral low.”

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