Netanyahu: Israel to ‘Do Whatever We Need’ to Defeat Iranian Threat

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu exposes files that prove Iran’s nuclear program in a press conference at the Kirya government headquarters in Tel Aviv, in 2018. (Miriam Alster/Flash90)

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told Sky News that he will do “whatever we need to do to defend ourselves” against Iran – and that diplomacy has failed to stop Tehran from developing its nuclear capabilities.

“I don’t think that diplomacy by itself will work. I think diplomacy can only work if it’s coupled with a credible military threat or the willingness to apply the military option if deterrence fails,” he said.

“Iran is openly committed to destroying, repeating the Holocaust and destroying the six or seven million Jews of Israel and we’re not going to sit by, idly by and let them do it.

“(If) these Ayatollahs think that they could threaten us with a nuclear holocaust they’re wrong. We will do whatever we need to do to defend ourselves.”

In the interview, Netanyahu also said that “our hand is extended to all Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, which is extremely important.”

Netanyahu further referred to Saudi Arabia and stated, “We have great opportunities to promote peace in our region, peace between our two countries, and the prosperity of our peoples. I believe this will change history.

“I mean we have already made one historic turning point with the four peace treaties of The Abraham accords which Israel made under my leadership with UAE (United Arab Emirates), with Bahrain, with Morocco, with Sudan.

“Obviously Saudi Arabia would be a quantum leap forward because it’s the most influential Arab country not only in the Arab world I think also in the Muslim world, so it would fashion I think the possibility of ending the Arab-Israeli conflict, and I think that it would also help us solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.”

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