Two Police Officers Go Undercover as Orthodox Jews to Catch Arab Rock Throwers

By Matis Glenn

One of the undercover police officers (Israeli police)

Four Arab teenagers are set to be indicted Wednesday for throwing rocks at Jewish travelers, after being caught by two undercover police officers dressed as Orthodox Jews, according to Arutz 7.

After reports of rock throwing terror attacks targeting Jews on a road in the Silwan area of East Yerushalayim, the two Israeli police officers put on a Charedi-esque appearance to catch the perpetrators in the act, under the direction of Shalem Station Commander Superintendent Dvir Tamim.

Reports given to police said that the Arab youths were stopping cars on the road to ascertain whether or not the occupants were Jewish; if they were, they would throw rocks at them.

The two undercover cops’ vehicles were targeted by the terrorists. After the stones were thrown, police exited the vehicles, and following a brief foot chase, apprehended the suspects; two 14-year-old males from Silwan.

“Stone throwing may endanger lives and harm innocent people, whether carried out by adults or minors, some of whom, unfortunately, at a very young age, are bordering on criminal responsibility,” Jerusalem District Commander Maj. Gen. Doron Turgeman said in a situation assessment in the Jerusalem District. “Anyone who tries to harm human life, especially on nationalist grounds, should be arrested and we must do everything to bring him to justice.

“The activity they led at the Shalem station recently, against stone throwers in Silwan, illustrates more than anything else the initiative, determination and creativity expected of every commander or policeman in Jerusalem in dealing with terrorists, rioters and anyone who endangers the safety and security of civilians and road users. We will continue to use all the tools and means at our disposal in order to maintain public safety and security,” he continued.

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