Two Arrested in Massive Theft of Ammunition From IDF Base


View of an urban warfare training base, where IDF soldiers train in a mock Arab city, in Tze’elim, southern Israel. (Nati Shohat/Flash90)

The Shin Bet on Wednesday arrested two Israeli citizens for the theft of tens of thousands of bullets, fewer than 24 hours after the ammunition was stolen from the IDF’s Tze’elim base in southern Israel on Tuesday.

According to an IDF source, the suspects were able to enter the base and went to a bunker that housed ammunition before stealing the tens of thousands of 5.56 mm rifle bullets.

The exact number of bullets stolen is currently unknown, but it is estimated to be around 26,000 in total, Shin Bet said.

An investigation, spearheaded by the IDF, Israel Police, and the Shin Bet was launched on Tuesday leading to the arrest of the two.

Notably, the bullets were stolen even with increased security measures around the base to prevent exactly this from happening.

The Shin Bet said it also recovered all the stolen bullets.

“Recently, the number of break-ins went down,” an IDF source told Walla! News, noting that the IDF had taken a number of measures to increase their defenses. “And yet, they still broke in and stole from us.”

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