Antisemitic Incident Leaves Victim Hospitalized

By Hamodia Staff

Ridley road market

An Orthodox Jewish woman from the Stamford Hill area of London, England, was severely wounded and suffered terrible trauma when she was attacked last Friday morning in Ridley Road Market in Dalston.

The incident occurred on Friday morning at the entrance to the market, opposite Dalston Kingsland station. The senior member of the Stamford Hill community who is visibly Jewish, entered the market at 11:15am pushing an empty buggy. Suddenly a man charged towards her with great speed and before she knew what was happening, he crashed into her with very forcefully, causing her to fall back onto the floor. The man disappeared immediately and was not to be found. Although she was in terrible agony and unable to stand up, she had the presence of mind to call the police who arrived quickly. Bystanders came to offer help and one kind vendor in the market brought her a chair. With great difficulty some bystanders helped her onto the chair. The victim called Hatzola who arrived within minutes and took her to the hospital. She was found to have suffered a bad fracture and is now awaiting what surgeons said would be a complicated hip surgery.

Hamodia spoke to the victim on the phone who said that she was left traumatized from the incident. She related that when police arrived and asked her if she could describe the man, she answered, “No, I cannot, but I can describe myself. I am very obviously Jewish and I am the only Jewish woman around here. This was clearly a racially motivated crime.”

Police are taking the allegations seriously and told the victim that they hope to get CCTV images to help them identify the perpetrator. 

“Some people working in the market told me that they have their suspicions who it could have been but they are not sure,” the victim said from her hospital bed. “This man needs to be apprehended as soon as possible. He belongs behind bars!”

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