BDE: Rebbetzin Rechil Breindel Teitelbaum a’h

By Hamodia Staff

Satmar Rebbe Harav Zalman Leib Teitlebaum, shlita, being maspid. (Hamodia photos)

BROOKLYN – Rebbetzin Rechil Breindel Teitelbaum, who was critically injured in Monday’s massive fire in Williamsburg, tragically passed away Thursday evening.

Rebbetzin Teitelbaum was the wife of Harav Lipa Teitelbaum Shlit”a, Rav of Beis Medrash Beis Aharon in Williamsburg, and daughter of the Kiviashder Rebbe, Harav Moshe Halberstam zy”a.

She was 71 years old.

The levayah took place on Thursday evening at 9:30 at the Beis Medrash Beis Aharon located at 372 Wallabout Street.

Yehi zichra baruch

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