Tefillos Requested After Baby of Chabad Shluchim Drowns to Death, Wife Critically Injured in Virgin Islands


Urgent tefillos were requested, after the 4-month-old daughter, a”h, of the Chabad shluchim in the U.S. Virgin Islands drowned to death, and her mother was critically injured apparently trying to save the baby from the water in St. Thomas, part of the Virgin Islands, on Tuesday night.

Rebbetzin Henya Federman, who is co-director of Chabad of St. Thomas, and her daughter Shterna Sarah, fell into the water in Oasis Cove Marina on Tuesday night, according to the reports.

According to reports, the family was on an outing when the baby fell into the water. Henya jumped in to save her, and her husband, Chabad shliach Rabbi Asher Federman, followed.

Henya Federman was pulled from the water without a pulse. Emergency personnel were able to restore her heartbeat and took her to Schneider Regional Medical Center, where she is on life support.

Shortly afterward, the girl’s body was found in the water.

All are asked to daven for the refuah sheleimah of Henya bas Brocha Dvora Leah, b’scoh shear cholei Yisrael.

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