Mossad Takes Credit in Countering Iranian Terror Attack in UK

By Hamodia Staff

Britain’s MI5 Director General Ken McCallum. (MI5)

YERUSHALAYIM — Israel’s spy agency the Mossad took credit for providing key intelligence to British security services enabling them to thwart a terror plot by Iranian agents, according to Israel’s Channel 11.

The Mossad reportedly warned England’s MI5 homeland security agency about terrorist threats to British citizens, especially journalists, in recent weeks, the network said on  Monday night.

Last week, MI5 Director General Ken McCallum said Iran had in fact attempted to kidnap or kill at least 10 UK-based individuals since January.

In annual threat update McCallum noted: “Iran projects threats to the UK directly, through its aggressive intelligence services. At its sharpest, this includes ambitions to kidnap or even kill British or UK-based individuals perceived as enemies of the regime. We have seen at least ten such potential threats since January alone.”

Iranian operations in Britain was also included in remarks made by OC Intelligence Corps Maj.-Gen. Aharon Haliva London at the INSS conference on Iran earlier on Monday.

The Jerusalem Post suggested that leaking of the story to the media “might have been part of a more coordinated effort…as Israel tries to convince England, the U.S. and others to toe the line against Iran in the nuclear standoff, mentioning its helpful role to London could play to Jerusalem’s advantage in the court of public opinion.”

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