Thieves Target Dozens of Flatbush Homes in One Night

By Matis Glenn

A team of thieves burglarized at least nine Flatbush homes in one night, attempted to enter at least 20, and made off with a car, according to Shomrim. The burglaries are believed to have been carried out by a group of three or four suspects early Thursday morning, from around 2:30 until 4:50am.

The thieves looted homes between Avenue N until Quentin Road, from East 21st to East 28th Streets  where they went door-to-door, looking for first floor side windows that they could sneak into. They went about their business quietly, without ever forcing an entry. They lifted screens and tried to open windows, many of which were accessible. If prying it open didn’t work, they moved on to another house.

 The thieves made off with cash, expensive coats, pocketbooks, and wallets filled with credit cards.

The suspects remained undetected during the crime spree, despite the families’ being home during the burglaries. “This was clearly not their first time,” Tzvi Weill, a coordinator for Flatbush Shomrim told Hamodia. “They knew what they were doing, and were very athletic…able to climb into windows without making noise,” Weill said. A flurry of residents called Shomrim in the morning when they discovered that they were missing items and that their windows were open. The volunteer neighborhood safety organization then began gathering evidence and surveillance footage, which they shared with the NYPD.

Shomrim believe that the suspects started their activities on East. 3rd Street, but went to a different area when an alarm went off, however surveillance footage from that house isn’t clear enough to confirm it.

On one block, East 28th between Avenue N and O, the thieves tried to enter every house, on both sides of the street.

Early in their late-night pilfering, on East 21st Street, the thieves located the keys to a 2020 Infiniti Q50 sedan parked in the victim’s driveway, which they made off with and used for the remaining two hours of their burglaries. While the late model, luxury car may have been appealing, it also came with a tracking device. “It’s a little difficult to track since it has California plates, but we’re working on it,” Weill said.

Later Thursday morning, the thieves attempted to use the plundered credit cards – which at that point had been reported as stolen – at several stores in the Gateway Mall, off of the Belt Parkway. Police are currently searching the area for the vehicle.

Weill, a Shomrim member for 24 years, says he’s “never seen such a brazen act like this…so many thefts in one night by a crew of thieves.”

Shomrim are escalating late-night patrols in response, with close to 80 units who will be canvassing the neighborhood nightly over the next month. NYPD in the 61st and 70th precincts have committed to dispatching units in the late hours in Midwood as well. “It’s being taken very seriously by the community, the brass, the borough, and the precincts…we have a meeting tonight at the precinct and we’re going to put everything we have into securing our neighborhoods.”

Shomrim say that thieves know to target windows because they’re often left unlocked or unbarred.

“Secure your windows, make sure they are locked properly and use an alarm system,” Weill says.

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