Two Brothers Wounded in Shooting Near Kosel, Reunited in Hospital

By Hamodia Staff

Elazar and Dovi, two brothers who were wounded in terror shooting in Yerushalayim, reunited in hospital, Sunday. (Hadassah Spokesperson)

YERUSHALAYIM – Two brothers who were wounded in the terror shooting near the Kosel early Sunday morning were reunited in Hadassah Medical Center Mount Scopus, where they were being treated for their injuries.

“My two brothers were together last night, waiting for the bus,” Yair, the pair’s older brother, told Channel 13 news. “Elazar helped a woman get on the bus, and my 16-and-a-half-year-old brother Dovi was still at the bus stop when the shooting started. Both were hit in the shoulder and were evacuated.”

Yair added: “When the incident happened, Dovi called himself and told us [the family] that they were both hit by a bullet, that he was conscious, and that he was quite well. It calmed us down.

“He even had time to say that Elazar was helping to treat the wounded at the scene, because he is a Magen David Adom first aid responder,” he said.

“We were shocked and immediately left for the hospital. Now Dovi has arrived and we have reunited,” Yair said from Hadassah Mount Scopus hospital. He said doctors told him that if the bullet had hit Elazar a few centimeters over, “he would not be alive.”

“It’s a real miracle,” he said.

Asaf Kedar, director of the trauma unit at Hadassah, said Elazar would stay another day for treatment of his shoulder fracture, Channel 13 reported.

Several U.S. citizens were injured in the attack, including Menachem Palace, 22, a member Chabad from New York.

“A few minutes after I got on the bus I heard the sound of shots,” Palace told media from Shaare Zedek Medical Center. “I looked to my right, next to the window I was sitting next to, and I saw that it was completely smashed. I quickly ducked down and saw blood on my shoulder.”

“People shouted Shema Yisrael,” Palace said. “It was a pretty scary sight, but thank God I didn’t feel a thing.”

“From all the adrenaline I didn’t notice that a bullet went into my shoulder,” said Palace, who was lightly injured. “At the hospital I did an X-ray and they took it out and now everything is okay.”

Four other U.S. citizens were injured, all of them from a single family belonging to the Satmar Hassidim. One was reported in serious condition.

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