Car Thief Arrested in Boro Park

By Matis Glenn

Shomrim give over car thief suspect into police custody

A would-be car thief was kept from “braking” the law June 13, as the bumbling bandit failed to realize that the emergency brake was engaged in the car that he was stealing.

An onlooking Boro Park resident saw a man walking suspiciously for around 13 minutes up and down 50th Street in Boro Park, between 15 and 16th Avenue, at 1:40pm before calling Shomrim. After the call, the onlooker saw the suspect enter a gold-colored Honda Accord, turn on the ignition, and try to drive off. It isn’t clear how the car nabber obtained the keys, or if he accessed the car in a different way.  

The car’s rear-wheels were locked due to the emergency brake that had been set, so the car did not go far. Frustrated, the attempted thief abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot. The man who called Shomrim pursued him for several blocks, and called Shomrim again to update them. Shomrim caught up with the perp on 53rd Street and 14th Avenue and followed him until he reached the train station on 55th Street and New Utrecht Avenue, where he was apprehended, and held until he was placed into NYPD custody.

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