U.K. on 100th Day of Ukraine Invasion: Russia Misses Objectives

Ukrainian servicemen walk as seeds burn in a grain silo after it was shelled repeatedly, amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in Donetsk region, Ukraine, Tuesday. (REUTERS/Serhii Nuzhnenko)

(Reuters) – Britain’s Defense Ministry said that on the 100th day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that Moscow failed to achieve its initial objectives to seize Kyiv and Ukrainian centers of government but was achieving tactical success in the Donbas.

“Measured against Russia’s original plan, none of the strategic objectives have been achieved,” Britain’s Ministry of Defense said in a Twitter update, but it said it was achieving tactical success in the eastern region of the Donbas and was controlling more than 90% of Luhansk Oblast.

Russia is close to capturing all of Luhansk, one of two Ukrainian regions that make up the swathe of land known as the Donbas.

After being repelled from around the capital, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s troops have set their sights on capturing eastern Ukraine, prompting warnings the war could drag on.

Some of the fiercest fighting is now centered on Severodonetsk in the Donbas region, 80 percent of which the Russians have seized, but Ukrainian forces are putting up stiff resistance.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said late Thursday that Ukrainian forces had had some success in the battle for the industrial hub, which is in the Luhansk region.

“But it is still too early. It is the toughest area at the moment,” he added.

Luhansk regional governor Sergiy Gaiday said that “for 100 days, they have been leveling everything,” accusing the Russians of destroying hospitals, schools and roads.

“But we are only getting stronger. Hatred of the enemy and faith in our victory make us unbreakable.”

Since Russia’s February 24 invasion, thousands of people have been killed and millions forced to flee, while Zelensky says up to 100 Ukrainian soldiers are dying every day on the battlefield.

Severodonetsk’s Azot factory, one of Europe’s biggest chemical plants, was targeted by Russian soldiers who fired on one of its administrative buildings and a warehouse where methanol was stored.

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