MK Rabbi Asher Blasts Lapid for Delegitimizing Chareidi Needs


MK Rabbi Yaakov Asher (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

MK Rabbi Yaakov Asher (United Torah Judaism) slammed Foreign Minister Yair Lapid in the Knesset on Monday night, accusing him of delegitimizing the needs of the chareidi public.

“The Alternate Prime Minister stands today at his faction’s meeting, and a journalist asks him what the difference is between his accusation of chareidim of blackmail in the past, and what happened now with [MK Ghaida Rinawie] Zoabi, when he fully complied with all her budgetary demands,” said Rabbi Asher.

“Shamelessly, Lapid answered her like this: ‘It is very easy to tell when it is political blackmail and when it is not, it is not political blackmail when it comes to meeting real needs of a public.'”

“This is what a de-legitimization campaign of the Jewish public looks like. Are the needs of a chareidi child not actual? You established a government of hatred, you turned the chareidim into an enemy,” said Rabbi Asher.

He then disclosed a conversation with Lapid during the days of his “brotherly” alliance with Bennett.

“I repeat to Lapid what I told him back in 2014 here behind the plenum: You will never be Prime Minister, because you create hatred and delegitimization against entire publics in the country. It is not those who celebrate with PLO flags that bother you, but rather those who celebrate Lag BaOmer and the Jewish tradition that your grandfather kept. Your time is up!” said Rabbi Asher.

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