New Congressional District Combines Jewish Neighborhoods Into One

By Hamodia Staff

The judge and the master deciding on the Congressional districts in New York State have drawn a Congressional district on New York City which combines many of the Jewish neighborhoods into one Congressional district.

After the New York State legislature drew up their own districts when the commission charged with the task were unable to come to an agreement, Republicans charged that those drawn by the Democratic controlled legislature were gerrymandered in a way to diminish the Republicans and boost Democratic candidates.

New York State Supreme Court Judge Patrick McAllister ruled that the districts as drawn were unconstitutional and ordered a special master to decide how the districts should be devided.

The recently released redrawn districts now have the Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods of Boro Park, Flatbush and Crown Heights as one district, which greatly increases the political power of this constituency in electing a representative to Congress in tune with their needs.

David Greenfield, who in the past represented part of this district in the New York City Council, tweeted, “Wow! Ended Shabbos to find that 95% of Boro Park, Flatbush & Crown Heights Orthodox Jews are now combined into ONE congressional district, NY9, as per Kalman Yeger’s & S Eichenstein’s request this week of the judge & expert who drafted new lines!”

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