Kid Vandalizes $10K Door in Midwood

BROOKLYN — A boy kicked and broke an expensive door on Avenue I between East 22nd and 23rd streets, in an incident captured on surveillance footage.

The footage shows a group of seven youths, who appear to be in their low teens or younger, walking near the home Wednesday afternoon. One of the youths runs up the steps to the home and twice kicks the door, valued at $10,000, breaking it in two places.

The incident occurred shortly after school dismissal time, and several of the youths are wearing backpacks.

Staff at the nearby Urban Dove charter school told Shomrim that the kids seen on video don’t attend that school, which has older students. However, there are also several public schools in the vicinity, and it is presumed the youths attend one of them. Residents told Shomrim the children on the video frequently walk down their block at the end of the school day.

The vandalized home is in the heavily Orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Midwood.

Kalman Yeger, an Orthodox Jewish New York City Councilman who represents a nearby district, portrayed the incident in context of an ongoing battle over whether yeshivas provide a “substantially equivalent” education to that offered in public schools.

“While those who hate our community are clamoring about yeshivas, this is this ‘substantial equivalency’ they desire,” Yeger told Hamodia. “But when do we ever see yeshiva kids acting this way?”

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