New Beis Hachaim Inaugurated in Airmont

New York

By Hamodia Staff

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Members of several chassidus have joined to inaugurate a new beis hachaim in the Har Shalom Cemetery in Airmont, NY, Rockland Daily reported.

After extensive excavation of the area to facilitate the cemetery, chassidim of the Dinover Rebbe of Williamsburg, shlita, along with chassidim of Khal Tzemach Tzadik-Viznitz led by Harav Yisrael Hager, shlita of Eretz Yisrael, were mechanech a significant parcel of land on Thursday, May 12, to be used as a beis hachaim.

Participants followed the minhag of fasting (at least part of the day) and giving tzedakah, along with other procedures which are customary to be done according to kaballah, including circling the chelkah while reciting Tehillim and other tefillos.

Shortly before Pesach, chassidim of Rachmastrivka, along with Chessed Shel Emes, also inaugurated their chelkos in the same cemetery.

In the coming months, it is expected that other kehillos will acquire parcels in Har Shalom for their own use as a chelkah.

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