In Slovakia, Lapid Warns: Israel Won’t Bypass Sanctions on Russia

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid alongside Slovak Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Ivan Korčok, Monday. (Shlomi Amsalem/GPO)

Russia will not be able to circumvent sanctions through Israel, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid warned while visiting Bratislava on Monday.

“Israel will not be a route to bypass sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States and other Western countries,” Lapid said. “The Foreign Affairs Ministry is coordinating the issue together with partners including the Bank of Israel, the Finance Ministry, the Economy Ministry, the Airports Authority, the Energy Ministry and others.

“I just concluded a productive work meeting with my friend, Foreign Minister Korčok. We discussed continuing our cooperation at the Vyšné Nemecké crossing between Ukraine and Slovakia, to make it easier for Jews and Israelis remaining in areas of conflict to leave.

“Israel, like Slovakia, condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and calls for an end to the fighting. There is no justification for violating Ukraine’s territorial integrity, and there is no justification for attacks on a civilian population.

“This war must end. European soil has known too many wars, and the only thing that came out of them was terrible suffering. In recent years, there has been peace in Europe, and what has emerged has been prosperity that the human race has never seen before.

“Israel will do everything it can to assist mediation efforts, to stop the shooting and restore peace. We are working together with our greatest ally, the United States, and our European friends, to prevent the continuation of this tragedy.

“Israel and Slovakia are cooperating in getting humanitarian aid into Ukrainian territory. So far, Israel has sent over 100 tons of medical equipment, generators and other goods into Ukraine, and we thank the government of Slovakia for its cooperation.

“My friend, Mr. Foreign Minister, we wanted to hold this visit under entirely different circumstances, and for completely different reasons. I ask you to keep open your generous invitation for a visit of a different kind, during which we will not discuss wars, but rather, the friendship between us.

“Israel and Slovakia have deep and strong ties, but the two of us believe it’s possible to deepen and strengthen them even further. We both have ideas about how to do this, but at the moment, we are focused on the effort to assist the Ukrainian people and refugees from the war. I look forward to hosting you soon in Israel on the occasion of the opening of your new office in Jerusalem.

“Thank you.”

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