New Plans for Lag BaOmer in Meron Unveiled

The Meron Disaster Inquiry Committee, in Yerushalayim. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Following the tragedy on Lag BaOmer of last year, during which 45 people, z”l, lost their lives, and with Lag BaOmer less than four months away, the plan for the celebrations at Meron, at the tziyun of Rashbi, is starting to take shape.

According to a report in Yisrael Hayom, professionals estimate that only 20,000 people will be allowed at the site at the same time – significantly less than the hundreds of thousands who would travel to Meron on Lag BaOmer in previous years. Over the course of the day, approximately 100,000 people will be able to enter the site in total.

On Sunday, Major Gen. (ret.) Zvika Tesler, the project manager for Lag BaOmer, presented the main details of the plan to Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana (Yamina) and directors-general of the various ministries involved in the event.

In the meantime, the illegal and dangerous buildings at the site are being removed, and shaded areas for both men and women are being set up. There will also be dedicated areas where the first haircuts for three-year-old boys can be held.

Only public transportation will be allowed at the site, and tickets allowing participation during set hours will be sold ahead of the event. Charged with the fulfillment of this are both the Transportation Ministry and Israel Police, and according to the Religious Affairs Ministry, unlike in previous years, there will be no VIP attendees and private vehicles will not be permitted to enter the site.

This week, Tesler is expected to complete a series of meetings with the various communities, and he will give them the main details of the plan that is taking shape.

“I embarked on a holy project to organize the event and ensure that it takes place in the best and safest way possible,” Tesler explained Sunday to the staff of directors-general. “In accordance with the policy of the religious affairs minister, I am holding a discourse which is based on talking with the chareidi community, with the purpose of holding the event and ensuring that the chareidi community arrives at the mountain on Lag BaOmer.”


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