IMS: Storm Brings Record-Breaking Rainfall Throughout Israel

View of clouds warning of the storm coming above the Mediterranean Sea, seen from Netanya, on Wednesday. (Flash90)

In just two days, the Carmel winter storm managed to bring record-breaking amounts of rainfall to many parts of Israel, with some measuring well over 100 mm of rain.

According to the Israeli Meteorological Service (IMS), the most impressive reporting came from the Mikve Israel weather station near Holon, which saw 175 mm of rain since the onset of the storm, with 147 mm in the past day alone.

The station, which has been in operation for over 100 years and is one of Israel’s oldest facilities, recorded similar highs on only two occasions: 199 mm in November 1938 and 148 mm in December 1954.

Other areas of the country that experienced unusually heavy rainfall include Ben Gurion International Airport with 153 mm, Moshav Amikam with 151 mm, HaKfar HaYarok youth village with 145 mm, Kibbutz Nir Eliyahu with 142 mm, Beit Dagan with 131 mm, Zichron Ya’akov with 124 mm and Karnei Shomron with 122 mm.

Tel Aviv saw 117 mm of rain over the past two days, Tzfas and the Golan Heights region saw 84 mm and Haifa 65 mm.

Yerushalayim, which is less prone to rainfall than the northern and coastal areas of Israel, saw 45 mm.

Down south, Be’er Sheva saw one 1 mm of rain since the start of the storm.

The IMS said that rainfall will continue through Wednesday evening and Thursday, which will likely increase the measurements even more.