IDF Saber Rattling Rattles Bennett

An Israeli F-15 in flight during the “Blue Flag” an international training exercise at the Ovda air force base, Southern Israel, October 24. (Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90)

The frequent saber-rattling in the direction of Iran coming out of the IDF’s senior echelons is not at the behest of the civilian leadership. At least, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett would prefer less public talk about plans to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, with or without the cooperation of the United States, according to The Jerusalem Post quoting diplomatic sources on Wednesday.

“It’s like everyone in the army wakes up in the morning and talks about Iran,” the source said. “It’s like they’re trolling. The prime minister doesn’t like it; it’s really not his style.”

“All this talk is crazy and is not helpful,” the source said.

The comments were apparently prompted by a statement issued by incoming Israel Air Force commander Maj.-Gen. Tomer Bar, who said earlier in the day that the IAF could successfully strike Iran’s nuclear program tomorrow if necessary.

“I have to assume it will happen in my time, and my shoulders already understand the weight of the responsibility,” Bar told Yediot Aharonot.

Bennett would prefer a less bellicose but not less robust posture visa-vis Iran.

He believes that Israel’s massive investment in training and building up its forces, with 3.5 billion shekels allocated specifically to counter Iran, speaks for itself.

“The enemy is looking at where we put our money,” the source said.

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