Dramatic Rise in Covid Infections in Israel

Yerushalayim -
Health-care workers take test samples of Israelis in a drive-through complex to check if they have been infected with the Coronavirus in Jerusalem, on December 10, 2021. (Photo by Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90)

The Ministry of Health announced 1,306 new Coronavirus infections over the last 24 hours, the highest it has been in recent months. The coefficient is also rising and currently stands at 1.28., with the percentage of positive tests is 1.27%.

There are 130 patients hospitalized, with 81 in critical condition.

Last night, a joint meeting was convened between senior Health Ministry officials and Cabinet ministers, to try and slow the spread of the new variant. The meeting ended with dissent over proposed restrictions on limiting gatherings indoors to 20 unvaccinated attendees, and outdoors to 50. Ministers said that it would be impossible to reimburse business owners for losses incurred and that the move was anyway coming too late to stop the spread and would be pointless. The meeting is slated to continue today.

Hours before the meeting, Prime Minister Bennett stated: “If today there are a thousand verified cases, and they double every two days, then in twenty days we will be faced with a million new infections every day,” it was reported in News 12.