Prosecutors to Indict Palestinian Teenager for Stabbing Attack in Yerushalayim

Israeli security personnel patrol the area following the stabbing in Yerushalayim’s Shimon Hatzaddik neighborhood, last Wednesday. (REUTERS/ Stephen Farrell)

Prosecutors plan to indict a 14-year-old Palestinian girl who stabbed a Jewish woman in Yerushalayim’s Shimon Hatzaddik neighborhood last Wednesday, police said Thursday.

According to police, the girl planned the morning of the attack to carry out the stabbing, and followed her target, 26-year-old Mrs. Moriah Cohen, for several minutes before stabbing her in the back in the neighborhood, where they both live.

Mrs. Cohen, who was taking her children to school at the time of the attack, was treated at hospital and was released the same day, b’chasdei Shamayim.

The stabber fled the scene and hid out in her school, where she swapped clothes with a friend, police said in a statement, adding that some of the clothes were found in several locations around the school, including in the principal’s office. The friend is also expected to be indicted, police said.

The terrorist’s remand has been extended for an additional five days until Monday, when she is expected to be indicted.

The past few weeks have seen a rise in Palestinian terror attacks, with four taking place in Yerushalayim alone.


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