2 Israelis Rescued From Mob in Ramallah

israelis ramallah
Palestinians gather around the car of Jewish men that was set on fire in Ramallah Wednesday night. (Flash90)

Two Israelis who entered the Palestinian city of Ramallah were attacked by a lynch mob on Wednesday night, but b’chasdei shamayim, suffered only minor injuries.

Rocks were thrown at their car and then the two were dragged out of the vehicle, which the crowd then set aflame, according to Palestinian media reports.

Palestinian Authority police were called to the scene and rescued the Israelis from the hands of the mob. The local police transferred them to the Palestinian Authority Preventive Security Force.

Israeli authorities were notified of the incident, and a large IDF force was dispatched to the entrance to Ramallah, where they took the two Israelis into custody.

They were reported to be lightly injured.

The Israelis told interrogators that they entered Ramallah accidentally after losing their way en route to the Israeli village of Hashmonaim.

The IDF is reminding Israelis that it is both dangerous and forbidden to enter Ramallah.

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