Rabbi Litzman: Elkin Took Revenge on the Chareidim Because We Didn’t Support Him

MK Rabbi Yaakov Litzman. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Former Housing Minister MK Rabbi Yaakov Litzman spoke Wednesday in the Knesset plenum about his bill – to increase child benefits by 30%.

After the bill fell, Rabbi Litzman went on to attack Housing Minister Ze’ev Elkin, following his recent decision regarding public housing, notably the cancellation of the plan to establish the city of Shafir for the chareidi community and the establishment of an alternative settlement in the Negev, in the heart of the Bedouin unrecognized villages, saying that he was against the chareidi public only out of revenge for his failed Yerushalayim mayoral election bid three years ago.

Elkin also said in the Knesset on Tuesday that he wanted revenge on the chareidi public, saying, “I wanted to meet with former Housing Minister Litzman but I was refused.”

Rabbi Litzman attacked Elkin angrily and said, “Why is he taking revenge on us? He ran after us like crazy in the last [municipal] election in Yerushalayim. Right, I did not give him an overlap meeting, and now he is taking revenge on us. Elkin is already in his fifth party, maybe the Arab parties want to take him?

“Without shame,” Rabbi Litzman added, “he approved just one apartment in Beitar. He does not know what the Housing Ministry is. I follow his decisions. I do not want to go into more detail.”

Elkin is right in his method of jumping political parties, Rabbi Litzman added, because he never knows before the election which party he is going to join. “It’s funny, next time if Sa’ar’s party won’t pass the electoral threshold, he will go join another party. I have no idea if Elkin’s revenge against the chareidim is legal, but it certainly is not ethical. But at least he told us he was out for revenge.

“In United Torah Judaism, he will certainly not be on our list, but everything else is open for his choice.”


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