Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky: Children Need to Be Vaccinated

Harav Kanievsky listens to the doctors and inquires about the vaccine for young children.

Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita, ruled Thursday that parents of children aged five and over should vaccinate their children.

Following the FDA and the Health Ministry’s approval for the use of the Pfizer vaccination for children aged five and over, and with the start of the vaccination campaign for children, a discussion took place at the residence of Harav Kanievsky.

The senior doctors, the head of the Magen Yisrael expert team and the director of the Clalit Innovation Division and the Research Institute Prof. Ran Blitzer, the corona projector, Prof. Salman Zarka, Rav Chaim’s personal doctor, Dr. Meshulam Hart, the director of the Clalit chareidi department, Rabbi Avraham Konsky, and the director of the chareidi information headquarters of the Health Ministry, Manny Haddad, asked to hear da’as Torah opinion regarding child vaccinations, and to receive the brachos of Harav Kanievsky for the vaccination campaign and to discuss the right way to encourage the vaccination of students in chareidi educational institutions.

Prof. Zarka presented Harav Kanievsky with the FDA approvals, as well as that of the Health Ministry and the opinions of the leading doctors, as well as the data on the effectiveness and safety of vaccines for children aged five and over. He also added that the morbidity now is mainly among children who have not been able to get vaccinated so far.

Harav Kanievsky gives his firm opinion to take the vaccine.

Prof. Blitzer expanded the scope of information and presented data after vaccination among millions of children in the United States, and recent studies conducted in Israel and around the world on childhood vaccines, concluding that the health benefits and benefits of children vaccinated against the coronavirus outweigh the risks and side effects of the vaccine.

Dr. Meshulam Hart also explained the importance of vaccinating children, with the medical problems and complications that have been discovered among children infected with corona.

Harav Kanievsky listened to the doctors’ questions and after asking, researching and hearing that the data and research results were obtained regarding the balance between the safety and efficacy of the vaccine and the risks of the disease, he said that children aged five and over should be vaccinated. He also wished them all much continued hatzlachah.

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