Thousands Attend Levayah of Terror Victim Eli Kay, Hy”d

Family and friends attend the funeral of Eliyahu David Kay, Hy”d, at the Har HaMenuchos cemetery in Yerushalayim, Monday.  (REUTERS/Ilan Rosenberg)

Eliyahu Kay, Hy”d, who was shot dead by a Hamas terrorist in the Old City of Yerushalayim on Sunday morning, was brought to his final resting place at the Har HaMenuchos cemetery in Yerushalayim on Monday afternoon.

The levayah was attended by thousands of family and friends, including Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau and several government ministers.

Eliyahu David, 26 and an oleh from South Africa, was engaged to be married in a few months.

Kay, an employee of the Kosel Heritage Foundation, was on his way to the Kosel when he was murdered.

His parents, Avi and Devorah, immigrated to Israel and do not have a large family. They issued a request saying that “it will be so comforting for them to see the love of Israel, and how everyone together loves and shares the pain and loss.” Thousands of Israelis responded to their request and attended.

Friends and family attend the funeral of Eliyahu Kay, Hy”d, at the Har HaMenuchos cemetery in Yerushalayim, Monday. (Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90)

Chief Rabbi Lau, who knows the family from his hometown of Modi’in, paid tribute to the niftar: “We just want to sit peacefully in the Holy Land. Every Shabbat I see you, Avi, Eli’s father, at a shiur.

“You were privileged to ascend to Eretz Yisrael, thanks to Eli. And here we are standing, in the land that he only wanted to sit peacefully in, and murderers come and interrupt this and are trying to harm time and time again, and this time they killed dear Eli.”