Gantz’s Cleaner Reportedly Planned to Charge Iran Bargain Rate for Spying

Defense Minister Benny Gantz. (David Cohen/Flash90)

Omri Goren, a cleaner formerly employed at the home of Defense Minister Benny Gantz, allegedly offered to spy on Gantz for the Iranians for merely $7,000, Israel Hayom reported Sunday.

Goren, 37, supposedly told the Iranian-affiliated hacker group Black Shadow that he would install a “worm” on Gantz’s computer. According to prosecutors, after a representative of the group voiced doubt about Goren’s capabilities, the cleaner photographed Gantz’s desk, his computers, his telephone, some packaging on which the computer’s IP address appeared and Gantz’s city tax receipt.

As reported by Israel Hayom last week, Goren and his wife were the owners of a cleaning services company. Some of their other clients reported that the couple were clearly in financial distress.

The would-be espionage comprises a failure on the part of the Shin Bet, whose agents did not conduct a security background check on the Gorens before they were allowed into Gantz’s home to clean.

It would have taken a mere computer search to discover that Goren was a criminal who had been convicted in 14 different cases, on charges that included armed robbery, breaking and entering, and theft.

The Shin Bet has accepted responsibility for the incident and reported that it had not resulted in any harm to national security or defense. The agency said it was drawing immediate conclusions, although it was not clear whether any individuals involved would be held personally accountable.