Covid Traffic Light Turns Orange in Some Countries

A sign reminds people of mandatory face masks at the train station in Cologne, Germany, Wednesday. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

Israel has revised upward the travel warning for Germany, Italy, Greece and several other countries, designating them “orange,” where there is significant risk of coronavirus, The Jerusalem Post reported on Thursday.

An orange classification means that Israelis are free to go there, if they are considered fully protected (inoculated twice within the previous six months, vaccinated with a booster, recovered with one shot, or recovered within the past six months), they do not need to quarantine when they return.

According to the Traffic Light System, countries colored red have high risk, while yellow countries are regarded as low risk.

Other countries that will become orange next Friday are Bhutan, Chile, Guatemala, Kosovo, Luxembourg, South Korea and Vietnam, said the Health Ministry.

The updated list of yellow countries include: Australia, the UAE, Argentina, United States, Gabon, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, New Zealand, Namibia, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Panama, France, Colombia, Canada, Cyprus, Rwanda, Sweden and Switzerland.

The color changes go into effect starting November 26.

Despite an upturn in morbidity in some places, such as Europe, no nation will be put under a travel ban, or a red designation, for the time being, the Health Ministry said on Thursday.