Covid Pill Goes to Mexico for Fast-Track Trial

This image provided by Pfizer shows its COVID-19 pills. (Pfizer via AP)

An Israeli medical company has teamed up with a Mexican company to accelerate development of an oral Covid vaccine, The Jerusalem Post reported on Thursday.

Oramed Pharmaceuticals announced a 50-50 partnership with Genomma Lab Internacional for the purpose of fast-tracking a Phase II clinical trial and obtaining emergency use authorization in Mexico.

“Our goal is to try to get emergency use approval ASAP,” said Oramed CEO Nadav Kidron. “The company’s strategy is to start with developing countries where we believe we have a good chance to get relatively accelerated marketing approval. We believe that Mexico is one of these ideal places.”

The vaccine candidate targets three structural proteins of the novel coronavirus, as opposed to the single spike protein targeted by the current Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, Kidron said, explaining that even if a variant “gets through one line, there is a second line, and if through the second line, there is a third.”

If approved, it would be used either as a standalone or as a booster for previously vaccinated individuals.

Another selling point: the company says that administering the vaccine orally it could reduce potential side effects; and freezer storage is unnecessary, which would facilitate distribution.

Oramed is also gearing up for Phase 1 trials in South Africa and Israel.