Gunpoint Mugging Thwarted in Crown Heights

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A gunpoint robbery was thwarted on Montgomery Street on Tuesday morning, when the victim fought back, and scared off his attackers.

Video surveillance acquired by Crown Heights Shomrim shows the mugging attempt that took place on Montgomery Street between Kingston and Albnay around 7:30am.

A black Honda pulls onto the block and double parks on the north side of the street, discharging three young men. The three hone in on a young man walking alone on the street wearing a white hoodie and backpack. According to the victim, no words were exchanged as one of the muggers tapped the victim on the shoulder and displayed a gun.

Not missing a beat, the video shows as the victim immediately engages his mugger, fighting with him and scaring him and his two cronies off.

Crown Heights Shomrim and the NYPD were called, responding to the scene to find that the muggers had already fled.

The victim was not injured in the incident, and the NYPD is investigating.