Israel Thwarts Attempt to Smuggle Weapons From Jordan

The weapons caught by Israeli security forces, Wednesday night. (IDF Spokesman)

Israel’s security forces were successful in thwarting an attempt to smuggle guns from Jordan to Israel on Wednesday night.

An IDF spokesperson stated Thursday that a joint operation by the IDF, the Shin Bet, and Israel Police led to the foiling of an attempt to smuggle weapons on the Jordanian border.

IDF forces identified a number of suspects who tried to smuggle weapons into Israeli territory in the area of the Jordan Valley. IDF troops and police operating in the area seized one of the suspects in the smuggling attempt and 15 weapons, including eight shotguns, three Kalashnikov assault rifles, two handguns, an M16 rifle, and a carbine rifle.

The suspect and the findings were transferred to the Israel Police for further investigation.

Not details on the identity of the suspect were provided.

Israel’s border with Jordan, its longest, is usually peaceful. Fenced in most areas, it serves as a smuggling route for drugs and weapons from Jordan into Israel.

The incident occurred in the Jordan Valley, an area in which similar weapons smuggling attempts have been made in recent months. The IDF has said that it has recently detected an increase in the number of smuggling attempts in this area.