Israel’s U.K. Envoy Whisked From London Event Over Pro-Palestinian Rally

The Israeli Embassy in London. (Chesdovi)

Israeli envoy to the United Kingdom was whisked away Tuesday evening out of an event at a London university due to an angry demonstration staged by pro-Palestinian activists who sought to prevent her from participating in the debate that took place on campus.

During the incident, Tzipi Hotovely was led away by several guards into her car while demonstrators hurled slurs and accusations at her, with one even attempting to get close to the ambassador before being blocked off and led away by the police.

The Israeli U.K. Embassy, meanwhile, lamented the fact that Hotovely was driven off campus before being given a chance to speak.

The demonstrators managed to intimidate the ambassador despite a large police presence and deployment of security personnel from Scotland Yard to the area due to the high likelihood of a demonstration being staged against the ambassador.

Shortly after the incident, British Education Minister Nadhim Zahawi wrote on his social media page: “This is deeply disturbing, I am so sorry, Ambassador Hotovely.”

Middle East and North Africa Minister James Cleverly also condemned the incident on his social media page: “We value open debate and peaceful protest. The aggressive and threatening behavior directed at Israeli Ambassador Hotovely last night was unacceptable.

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, who spoke with Hotovely shortly after the incident, encouraged the ambassador and lauded her resolve. “Tzipi is strong and will not let any group of violent and anti-Semitic thugs intimidate her, as will all the other Israeli ambassadors in the world,” said Lapid.

“The fight against the de-legitimization of Israel and anti-Semitism is part of our struggle for the Israeli story, and our ambassadors are at the forefront of this,” Lapid added.