Lapid Announces Sister-in-Law’s Resignation From JNF

Yair Lapid addressing a faction meeting at the Knesset. (Oliver Fitoussi/Flash90)

Following Opposition leader MK Binyamin Netanyahu’s harsh criticism to the Knesset plenum, in which he attacked Lapid for appointing his sister-in-law to the board of directors of JNF – an organization which Lapid himself accused of being a conduit for transferring funds to parties – Lapid has announced his sister-in-law’s resignation.

Ilail herself also announced her resignation from the JNF.

Lapid wrote a social media post that his sister-in-law Keren Ilail had decided to resign from the JNF and from all her positions with Yesh Atid.

“She was not willing to absorb it anymore. The wild attack on the media networks. Netanyahu, who is accused of three indictments, the man who corrupted the system for years, who stands on the podium and says ‘the signature does not testify to his sister-in-law,’ to the mocking laughter of all Those who oppose a law that would prohibit criminal defendants from serving in the Knesset of Israel.

“There is no better and more honest person in the world, and she has no idea how this fell on her. All she wanted was to establish the women’s headquarters of Yesh Atid. I was the one who asked her to raise her head, volunteer and fight corruption there.

“The public arena will be a little less of a good place from today. A talented lawyer who has asked far too many difficult questions, questions that only those who want the public good ask.

“Ilail will be fine of course. She’s beloved, she’s smart, we’re a strong family. She promised me she would continue to be active in volunteering at the women’s headquarters, but it’s not her job to stand in the media fire line. They will not win the war.”