150 Denied Entry at Ben Gurion for Failing Green Pass Rules

Israeli police officer on patrol to enforce the COVID-19 regulations at Ben Gurion Airport. (Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90)

Israeli authorities have been proving they mean business about coronavirus regulations at Ben Gurion Airport.

Since the country reopened to foreign tourists on November 1, about 150 have been refused entry on arrival because they had failed to comply with the Ministry of Health’s green pass regulations. According to the protocol, incoming tourists must have had three Covid vaccinations or less than six months since their second Covid vaccination.

Besides those, many others have not been allowed on flights at their point of departure for lack of the required Covid documentation. Some arrived at the airport with negative antigen test results rather than PCR test results.

One French tourist arrived at the airport in France to catch a flight to Israel to discover that only 13 days had passed since his third booster jab, instead of the required 14 days.

The 150 who somehow got through the checks and managed to arrive in Israel, were sent back home on the next flight.

Another 150 reportedly denied entry upon arrival at Ben Gurion when immigration authorities determined that they wanted to remain and live in the country rather than just visit as tourists.

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