Sadigura Rebbe on Uplifting Visit to New York

The Sadigura Rebbe (C) at the l’chaim after Shacharis on Wednesday in the beis medrash of the Ostrow-Koloshin Rebbe (R). (Shlomo Weber)

The Sadigura Rebbe, shlita, made a special visit this week to New York. This is the Rebbe’s first visit to America since his appointment as Rebbe, following the petirah of his father, the Ateres Yisrael of Sadigura, zy”a.

(Shlomo Weber)

The Rebbe left Israel on Tuesday night, and upon his arrival in New York on Wednesday morning, he davened Shacharis in the beis medrash of the grandfather of the Rebbetzin, the Ostrow-Koloshin Rebbe, shlita, the father-in-law of his father-in-law Harav Asher Sternbuch, Rav in Antwerp.

(Shlomo Weber)

After Shacharis, the Sadigura Rebbe held a short l’chaim. The Rebbe honored his grandfather, Ostrow-Koloshin Rebbe, to speak.

The Rebbe is slated to lead an uplifting Shabbos in Boro Park.

Next week, the Rebbe is slated to participate in the chanukas habayis of the Sadigura kloiz in Lakewood.

(Shlomo Weber)