Opposition MKs Achieve: Yeshivah Budget to Be Included in the Budget Law

Avreichim learn in a kollel in Modiin Illit.
(Nati Shohat/Flash90)

The full yeshivah budget of NIS 1.17 billion has been entered into the budget law for the second and third readings and will not be required to be discussed in the Finance Committee again, as approved overnight Tuesday by the Finance Committee, as part of the activities of chareidi MKs Rabbi Moshe Gafni and Rabbi Yinon Azulai and MK Betzalel Smotrich.

As a result, the yeshivos and kollelim will be able to receive full budgetary support immediately after the transfer of the budget in the Knesset, and unlike most budget items that later return to discussions in the various Knesset committees, they will not have to wait for the supplement to be passed once again in the Finance Committee.

The budget increase reached in the coalition agreements by the Yamina party is in the amount of NIS 307 million, from NIS 804 million to NIS 1.17 billion.

It should be emphasized that most of the state budget does not go into the basic budget, which means that it is money that will never go out of the budget, like many other things, but most of the money approved in the budget goes back to the various committees for further discussion, but this time, the yeshivah budget will not be.

Opposition MKs held a filibuster against the chairman of the Finance Committee, Alex Kushnir, demanding that the by-laws be amended immediately. Later, there was a vote on the amendment – and it was approved by the committee.

MKs Smotrich, Azoulay and Pindros said: “The yeshivah budget is the bread and milk of thousands of families of avreichim. It has been cut by the current left-wing government by more than one hundred million shekels in total.

“The yeshivos receive less than 50% of their budget and as a result many avreichim did not receive their salaries. We are happy that we were able to prevent at least another delay and ensure that the full budget is transferred to the yeshivos immediately.”